Florida Honey Pot Farms

Mother's Day Gift Pack

$59.54 $99.23

Pamper your mom like a STAR this Mother’s Day! This amazing and thoughtful gift contains a large variety of both our terpene infused and terpene & CBD infused formulas, including our new single serve packets that are perfect for busy moms on the go. Show someone special how much you care about them with this beautiful gift of 100% USA Raw Honey.

Mother’s Day Gift:

  • Bee Chill Terpene Infused Honey 5.6 oz $9.99
  • Bee Immune Terpene Infused Honey 5.6 oz $9.99
  • Bee Energized Terpene Infused Honey Packets (7) $8.75
  • Bee Fluid Terpene & CBD Infused Honey 5.6 oz $24.00
  • Bee Immune Terpene & CBD Infused Honey 11.2 oz $29.00
  • Bee Chill Terpene & CBD Infused Honey Packets (7) $17.50

Retail Total: $99.23

Mother’s Day Special 40% off: $59.54

We’ll also include a beautiful card and information about our fine honey products and how terpenes are an important part of our wellness today.

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