From our Founder:

Good Day from Florida Honey Pot Farms. I am Renee Kirwan, founder of Florida Honey Pot Farms. We are based in Central Florida and passionately produce artisanal CBD infused honey. We are proud to say that not only is our honey, THE best tasting CBD infused honey on the market, but we have the honor and distinction of producing the only CBD infused, terpene enhanced honey in the world.

Florida Honey Pot Farms loves its bees and we try to ensure they have the best life possible. We are small batch honey purveyors that offer the highest quality CBD infused honey products. Crafting the very best in CBD infused honey, we made a promise to our customers to do it right.

We operate as a team with the mantra – One Bottle At A Time! Our vision is produce the industry recognized best and most unique CBD Infused Honey Product Line in the United States for discerning consumers that recognize and appreciate the health and wellness benefits that the synergy of honey infused with CBD yields, and are willing to invest in improving their quality of life through the lifelong use of our products. Our Approach — “One bottle at a time”, is driven by our respect for our unique quality. Quality is our driver and will be paramount in all that we do. We will build our reputation, build our consumer base, and win over consumers – one bottle at a time. We will demand quality in our products through small batch production using the highest quality ingredients available, exquisite packaging, and exceptional customer service.


Our Team



The Founder


Renee Kirwan

Renee has studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and nutrition for over two decades. She lives on The Farm where she daily enjoys the honeybees, chickens and acres of organic plants and berries. A former Miss Nebraska, Renee co-created Mission Leaf in early 2018 and travels the state visiting underserved areas with a doctor to help Florida residents acquire their Florida Medical Marijuana Card. Educating the public & speaking nationally on cannabis is very important to her. Renee just finished her book Sex and Cannabis where she traces the related histories of sex and cannabis.

Renee proudly founded Florida Honey Pot Farms using sustainable farming methods, placing a strong focus on traditional natural farming techniques and creating safe, healthy strong hives. Renee enjoys time with her three adult children, Savannah, David and Faith, her love Chris, and her beloved pack, Rosie, Butter and Bear.