About Us

Located in beautiful Central Florida with flourishing Hemp and blueberry plants, Florida Honey Pot Farms started with a 20 year friendship and a shared dream of helping women stay healthy! We will be growing Industrial Hemp and offering the best in CBD infused honey. Our Artisanal honey and small batch CBD infused products are handcrafted by women who care about you and your health.

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Florida Honey Pot Farms loves its bees and we try to ensure they have the best life possible. We are small batch honey purveyors that offer the highest quality CBD infused honey products. Crafting the very best in CBD infused honey, we made a promise to our customers to do it right. Taking the time and caring about our finished products, we are like any other true craftswomen- when you put love into it, you can tell.

Our philosophy is to share our proceeds & products with the many charities in need of support, bring change and compassion from our table to you…

Want to give back? Learn about the honeybees and how you can help. 


Our Team of Awesome Women

The Bizwoman


Kat Almulla

Kat has been in the Financial Services business for over 25 years and runs a Boutique Financial planning firm in Orlando called Financial Advisory Institute where she manages over 50 million for high net worth clients globally. Kat is a foodie, so infusing pesto or chocolate is a big hobby of hers. Starting Florida Honey Pot Farms with her close friend Renee was a natural transition into the Cannabis space with a focus on the health needs of women. Florida Honey Pot Farms is a women owned/women run company that will produce delightful products for all.

Kat is also a Founding Board Member for Norml of Greater Orlando and has an extensive background in implementing and running Boards for nonprofits, like the Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce & Florida Hospital Women's Center which she started in the late '90s. Kat also wrote a book in 2014 for women called 12 Things Women must know about their Money and was the Finance Expert on Fox 35 News from 2014-2018. She lives in East Orlando as a single mom, has raised 3 fabulous & productive kids— Jeanemarie, Nasser & Sharif—and she enjoys anything water related, live music and of course all things Cannabis. 


The Farmer


Renee Kirwan

Renee has studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and nutrition for over two decades. She lives on The Farm where she daily enjoys the honeybees, chickens and acres of organic blueberries. A former Miss Nebraska, Renee created Mission Leaf in early 2018 with her life partner Chris, which has a mobile medical marijuana doctor’s office. She travels the state visiting underserved areas with a doctor to help Florida residents acquire their Florida Medical Marijuana Card . Educating the public & speaking nationally on cannabis is very important to her. Renee just finished her book Sex and Cannabis where she traces the related histories of sex and cannabis.

She is the Director of Norml of Greater Orlando, and as a small woman farmer in the cannabis space, she and her bff Kat wanted to give back to women in the industry; so together they founded Florida Honey Pot Farms using sustainable farming methods, placing a strong focus on traditional natural farming techniques. Renee enjoys time with her three adult children, Savannah, David and Faith, her life partner Chris, and her beloved lab, Rosie. At her core, Renee is a farmer—plain and simple.