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Bee Immune Terpene Enhanced Honey (Non-CBD)


Bee Immune – fortify your body’s natural defensive line and support your all-day wellness.

Designed for a daily lifestyle, we’ve selected natural plant terpenes associated with immunity and infused them into 100% USA Raw honey.

  • (β-pinene) – beta pinene is one of two isomers of pinene (the other is alpha pinene); it is the most abundant compounds released by forest trees
  • Myrcene – the most prominent terpene contained in cannabis; also found in bay, wild thyme, hops, and the mango fruit
  • Linalool – found in spices and plants (like birch bark), you’ll recognize it as the scent of lavender
  • b-Caryophyllene – beta caryophyllene is another common terpene in cannabis; also common in black pepper, cinnamon and hops.
  • Bisabolol – a cannabis terpene also found in the chamomile flower
  • Eucalyptol – present in cannabis, sweet basil, rosemary sage, bay leaves, camphor laurel, and tea tree

Net wt 5.6 oz


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