Why Bees Matter

Before you try to kill the next bee that comes near you, please, we are begging you...stop. Bees by nature are not looking to be aggressive towards humans, and honey bees, especially, are incredibly necessary and valuable to our planet in so many ways. Bees do more than just produce delicious honey, which we know something about here at Florida Honey Pot Farms. Today, we are going to share with you a myriad of reasons why bees matter and need to be protected at all costs.


Many crops that are grown worldwide for human consumption aresunflower pollinating bees highly dependent on bees to help pollinate them. Florida Honey Pot Farms appreciates all of our pollinators including birds, bats, and butterflies but the honey bee reigns supreme. Not only do bees help pollinate fruit trees, vegetables, and a variety of the world’s most important cash crops, but they pollinate specialty crops like sunflowers and almonds as well which are used for oils, dairy alternatives, and butters. We cannot forget about the pollination of clover and alfalfa too. These are feed crops that play an important role in the diets of animals used for their milk and meat production.


Bees are vitally important to the delicate ecosystems of the world. These tiny, winged workhorses help pollinate the vegetation and trees that provide homes tobees are pollinatorsinsects, birds, and animals that are all part of a carefully balanced and biodiverse environment. If any link in these chains are broken, it can cause a huge ripple effect of destruction throughout the entire global ecosystem. Biodiversity is key to securing the natural habitats of our pollinators as well. To ensure that we live in a biodiverse world, consider planting some native plants and flowers around your home or office. Many home improvement stores are starting to carry native plants and flowers to the region, which is a great step forward. Planting native species will help support the native insects, including native bees. The visual impact will get you noticed and the honey bees will have more food and habitat to stay strong and healthy. Native plant species along with regenerative agriculture are significant ways to help support the bees and mother nature and will provide a more sustainable food model to the world.


bees help food productionThe work that honey bees do in pollinating plant life results in billions of dollars in sales to the global economy. In fact, it is estimated that over 500 billion dollars in food production annually is dependent on busy bees staying, well….busy. Now more than ever, we need the honey bee to ensure we all have beautiful fruits and vegetables to eat. Let us all take a moment to thank the bees for all of their hard work.


Do you love seeing the splendid array of colors in gardens filled with flowers?biodiversity and bees Would a wedding or Valentine’s Day celebration be complete without the awe-inspiring floral arrangements? Once again, our black and gold winged warriors play an incredibly vital role in pollinating the many interesting plants and vibrant flowers that make us go "oooh" and "ahhh" while on walks in nature. Beautiful bees work hard to put smiles on our faces when the flower delivery shows up. Bees have even helped pollinate the gorgeous flowers that brighten our holiday get-togethers. Simply put, without bees, the world would be far less beautiful.


Here at Florida Honey Pot Farms, our favorite reason for bee-ing fans of our friends the honey bee...is honey production. Honey has so many amazing uses and benefits. It is used in cooking, the beauty industry, and artisanal CBD-infused honey products. The benefits of CBD are numerous and include helping with mood, pain, inflammation, and sleep. Considered by many as the original superfood, honey has both nutritional and therapeutic value and Florida Honey Pot Farms uses only 100% raw USA honey in their Wellness Honey products. We work carefully with only the most ethical and experienced beekeepers to ensure our honey bees are treated gently and have everything they need to do what they love to do -and that is make golden delicious honey.

We can’t forget to mention that Florida Honey Pot Farms has honey that addresses energy, focus, and fitness all while giving your immune system a positive boost. 

Florida Honey Pot Farms invites you to see what artisanal honey can do for you because there is no sweeter way to improve your health and wellbeing.