The Benefits of CBD-Infused Products

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is extracted from the plant Cannabis Sativa. It occurs alongside many other plant compounds – including THC – but can interact with the human body’s cannabinoid receptors without causing a psychoactive effect.

Based on a vast collection of research, CBD can help aid a variety of naturally occurring ailments in the body.

CBD Infused Honey

Florida Honey Pot Farms

Florida Honey Part Farms is a business operated by women – for women. Kat Almulla, a financial business professional, and Renee Kirwin, a farmer and natural medicine guru, create a great duo behind great CBD products. They aim to provide comfort and wellness through specially crafted products infused with specially crafted hemp.

Their Central Florida farm flourishes with hemp and blueberry plants. And they stay true to their values by not only gathering their honey in small batches, but by donating part of their proceeds back into saving the bees. At Florida Honey Pot Farms, the honeybees thrive off of natural sources of Spanish Needle, Mexican Clover, Gal berry and Cabbage Palm. They simply value doing things the right way.

Florida Honey Pot Farms carries an enormous range of CBD-infused products; from seasonal flavors to berry chutneys, terpene-enhanced recipes and variety flight boxes. Their products are constantly evolving. So there’s a little something for every palette!

CBD honey products

5 Ailments That Can Benefit From CBD

  • Anxiety and Depression – CBD can help ease various forms of anxiety and depression without the psychoactive effects other medicines may cause. Pharmaceuticals for these mental struggles can often cause addictive behavior and numerous other health issues. And unlike these pharmaceuticals, CBD needs no prescription, fails no drug test, and is completely legal.
  • Skin Conditions – CBD honey can reduce the skin’s excessive oil production. And when paired with its anti-inflammatory properities and honey’s antibacterial defense, it can help unblock pores, cleanse impurities, and get rid of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditions.
  • Cardiovascular Health – Because of CBD’s support with stress and anxiety, it is also known to help lower blood pressure. On top of that, CBD research supports claims that it can reduce artery blockage, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and prevent strokes and other stress-induced cardiovascular problems.
  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation – One of the most popular claims supporting CBD is the ease of many symptoms cancer patients experience. Cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and many other diseases cause pain in the body due to rising inflammation. CBD honey fights the inflammation and nurtures chronic pain.
  • Seizures – As said for anxiety and depression, although there are many pharmaceuticals that can help control and eliminate seizures, they also cause other unwanted side effects and behaviors. The FDA recently approved the first anti-seizure drug made from CBD. Florida Honey Pot Farms offers this same ingredient without the prescription to comfort individuals who suffer from such episodes.
Bee Chill Honey

CBD and Me

CBD honey has been such a sweet addition to my nighttime routine. My days are filled to the rim with caring for my busy household of five. Each day carries at least one or two stressful surprises – or three… or twelve. And before each night ends, I am almost always frantically prepping for the next day.

Rather than turning to other stress-relieving products, CBD has been the perfect relief for me. It helps me turn my anxious mind off, something that I struggle so often to do. It slows down my thoughts, and I find myself planning and prepping so much more efficiently. From time to time my anxiety leaves me feeling shaky. And, scary enough, shaky hands don’t do a great job at caring for my three-month-old sweet pea. But ever since I began using Florida Honey Pot Farms‘ CBD products, the shakiness has eased and I feel stronger than ever.

CBD honey has also helped comfort the pain I suffer from after lugging my three kids around. My daily tasks feature taking heavy strollers in and out of the car, carrying my 12-pound beauty in her 6-pound car seat, and heaving a hefty diaper bag on my back with every new venture. So by the end of it all, I tend to build up tense lower back pain. Fortunately for me, Florida Honey Pot Farms has helped me ease that pain each evening and sleep so much more comfortably.

I didn’t shovel my kids off to the doctor with me in hopes of getting a prescription. I don’t feel sluggish or lethargic after I take it. In fact, I feel sharper. I feel cared for. And for just a few moments of the day, I’m doing something to support myself. Such simple implementation of FHPF’s CBD sets me up to be a better momma each and every day.

The honey is incredibly silky-smooth, making it so easy to incorporate into any delicacy. It has perfect, natural sweetness and an aroma that’s instantly calming. A cup of tea with a swirl of CBD honey, a deep breath, and a Netflix episode with my husband is the perfect way for me to reset and recharge for another busy day as “momma.”

Ways to Incorporate CBD-Infused Honey Into Your Diet

  • Skip the sugar and swirl a teaspoon of honey into a warm cup of tea or coffee. You’ll get the sweetness AND the amazing benefits of CBD all in one.
  • Pour the CBD honey over a block of cream cheese, and serve with whole-grain crackers for a sweet and light dessert.
  • Drizzle CBD honey as your favorite ice cream or yogurt topping.
  • Combine regular honey and CBD honey for the base of a brittle.
  • Mix CBD honey with organic peanut butter for a sweet fruit dip.
  • Head on over to Pinterest! One quick search brought me recipes for honey pie, honey cinnamon rolls, honey caramels, and so much more!

Bee Chill Honey