Industrial Hemp for Bees


Hemp vs. Marijuana

Though their both Cannabis Sativa, Industrial Hemp is different from Marijuana. Hemp has a majority of CBD out of all its cannabinoids, while Marijuana has a majority of THC, especially in its flower. Industrial Hemp has so little THC that the much larger amount of CBD actually cancels any connection from possible THC molecules that could have bound to cannabinoid receptors in your brain. Sounds complex, but this basically just means that Marijuana can get you “high,” while Industrial Hemp absolutely cannot.


What’s it for?

For its oilseed and fiber, Industrial Hemp is used worldwide to make a variety of products for both consumer and industry needs. An on-going study started in 2014—when it became legal to research hemp—has shown that hemp performs just as well, if not better, than cover crops to feed the bees. It’s also shown that hemp is resilient and that bees have no problem gobbling up its airborne pollen


Hemp and Bees

If you’ve read our post on Why We Need Bees, you know that cover crops are the ones with flowers that generally keep bees plump and healthy, and well—alive! Imagine how happy the bees will be if they also have plenty of hemp pollen, proven to satisfy them at least as much, with evidence that it’s even more effective!

Our bees will be lucky enough to have access not only to our farm of Industrial Hemp in addition to our delicious blueberry crop and its blossoms. Our Hemp will nourish our bees which in turn will keep our blueberries flourishing.

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