CBD Honey? Yes, Please!

All throughout your life, you may have heard about the wonders consuming honey has on your health.

It is full of antioxidants and packed with enzymes and nutrients that substitute refined sugars.

Now, people are raging about CBD—cannabidiol to be more specific. And after understanding what it is and all the benefits it has, it’s no wonder honey producers are infusing these together to create a magical product.

So, it’s time to open up some space in the kitchen for a new type of sweet buzz.


Where does CBD come from?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant—Hemp or Marijuana– that contains absolutely no psychoactive properties, meaning it doesn't get you high. This chemical is extracted from the plant, diluted in the same way coconut oil or hemp seed is, meaning it is completely natural.

CBD may be used in different forms. It can be consumed in as an oil, gummy, treat, tablet or any other edible form. It can also be used topically as an oil or cream to put on your body.

Currently, there have been many debates concerning products derived from Hemp, but the medical industry has undoubtedly given it a thumbs up for all the impressive properties it contains.

Through extensive research, science and medicine have shown a great deal of benefits that consuming this compound has, starting with its healing and relaxing properties.


Perks of consuming CBD 

  • It is a natural pain reliever. It eases joint pain, migraines or any type of physical pain.

  • It alleviates anxiety and depression

  • Lessens nausea


Why put honey and CBD together?

What happens when we mix CBD and honey? The already amazing properties of CBD are increased. 

As you may be aware, honey has been used for thousands of years as a natural sweetener and antibiotic. It is full of antioxidants, helps lower blood pressure, promotes burn and wound healing and so much more!

As CBD heightens all the already beneficial components of honey, there is no need to explain why honey producers felt this was a match made in heaven.


9 ways to use CBD honey

CBD honey is super tasty, meaning we can use it to eat with basically anything we’d like! But it can also be used topically and even for medicinal purposes. Here are some cool ideas for you to use CBD honey with.


  1. Salad dressing

  2. Lemonades

  3. As a tea sweetener

  4. Cough Syrup

  5. Face Mask

  6. Topical Antibiotic

  7. Lip moisturizer

  8. Dry up acne

  9. Cough syrup


So, if you were looking for the most effective way to get your daily sweets, look no further, your CBD honey is here!

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