A Guide to Buying Honey Online

Honey has been purchased, sold, traded, eaten, drizzled and probably even stolen for thousands of years now.

Honey is sought after for a variety of reasons, however there are a few things to specifically consider when looking to buy honey online:

What/Who are you buying honey for?

You might be looking to purchase a larger quantity of honey to use for baking, or looking to buy honey online for reasons belowa small artisanal batch honey for a sophisticated gift.  While one consumer may seek out local honey for allergy relief, another might be looking for a wound remedy. Your honey shopping purpose will help direct you on where to look.  

Many shoppers are looking for honey to help them reduce or eliminate using refined white sugar. Honey is quickly replacing sugar in tea and coffee and is commonly added to smoothies.  

Honey enthusiasts can join AmazingClubs.com Honey of the Month Club where each month they will deliver a new bee chill honey of the month clubselection of raw, wild-crafted honeys from specialty bee farms across the country. Be sure to look for the May 2021 honey that’s being featured: Bee Chill from Florida Honey Pot Farms. They are the first to infuse botanical terpenes into pure Central Florida honey!

Savvy health shoppers know to turn to honey as part of their routine. According to Healthline.com, there are 6 benefits to raw honey:

  1. A good source of antioxidants
  2. Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  3. Heal wounds
  4. Phytonutrient powerhouse
  5. Help for digestive issues
  6. Soothe a sore throat

where are you buying your honey fromHoney contains antioxidants, which can protect the body from inflammation. Inflammation can lead to a variety of health issues, including heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders. One study discovered that antioxidants in buckwheat honey were detectable in blood plasma, showing that eating honey could enhance antioxidant activity in the body.

Health authorities do not recommend over-the-counter medications to treat young children's coughs and colds. Some parents may look for natural remedies. In one study, two teaspoons of honey relieved children’s nighttime cough and allowed them to sleep. However, doctors do not recommend this practice for children less than a year old. 

Who are you buying it from?

Who you are buying your honey from is just as important as who you are buying it for!

Just about everyone’s shopping “go to” is Amazon.com. A search on Amazon.com results in over 2,000 kinds of honey products to buy! You might find a great deal on a blended, adulterated honey by the gallon, or you could come across a nice small local artisanal honey (but that’s not likely on a big site like Amazon).  

Large honey distributors take honey from all over the world where they then blend, filter, and heat it (and occasionally add fillers like corn syrup, sugar etc.)  This results in a consistent colored “honey” where most of the nutrients have been stripped, but looks great in a plastic bear because it all matches and has a longer shelf life. This is going to be the least expensive kind of “honey” to buy online.

A small apiary may or may not even have a website – so you may have to do a google search to help find a certain brand or flavor of honey.  Bee-keeping is an ancient art and true beekeepers are very protective of their hives, honey, honeybees and the plants that nourish their bees.  These are the folks you want to central florida beekeeperbuy your honey from online because you can trust that you are getting pure, raw, unadulterated honey that still contains all the good stuff nature intended!

Central Florida beekeeper, Renee Kirwan of Florida Honey Pot Farms, has dedicated her nine acres of property as a sanctuary for all pollinators. “The current situation with our honeybees is serious.  Colony collapse disorder is occurring throughout the world and scientists are somewhat puzzled. CCD as it’s called for short, happens when the worker bees disappear – literally we have no idea where they go – and leave behind their queen, a good source of food, a few nurse bees and the remaining immature bees. We have seen it with our own hives, and have to be diligent about having our hives checked routinely. We introduce new queens and their attendants as needed and have a continuous plan for hive recovery and growth.”

Beekeepers like Renee know the importance of personally handling your hives so the bees get to know you. She’s planted a huge variety of native Florida plants, grasses, flowers and vegetables to ensure her bees have a variety of nutrients.  She doesn’t use harsh pesticides and chemicals either because those can be especially dangerous to the bees. Despite having been stung seriously a few times, Renee says it’s all worth it to keep her bees happy and healthy.  Now this is someone you want to buy your honey online from.

What geographical area are you buying the honey from?

Certain geographical regions are known for their honey. There are two in particular that stand out for their geographical region: Tupelo honey and Manuka honey.

Tupelo honey is very special and can only be found in certain areas of Southeastern Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. The Ogeechee tupelo trees in this area bloom for two short weeks in the spring and they love the damp, humid, murky swamps.  Tupelo honey will actually have a light green hint – especially right off the comb.  Florida is also known for orange blossom honey, wildflower manuka honey benefits and problemshoney, saw palmetto and gallberry honey.  You can read more about these types here 5 Types of Florida Honey…and why it’s the BEST!

Manuka honey is the prized golden deliciousness that comes from the nectar of the manuka tree, Leptospermum.  The manuka tree grows uncultivated throughout both southeastern Australia and New Zealand.

Mānuka honey for export from New Zealand must be independently tested and pass the Mānuka Honey Science Definition test as specified by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). The test comprises five attributes: Four (4) are chemical and one (1) is DNA of Leptospermum scoparium. The honey must pass all five tests to be labeled as mānuka. This testing came into effect on 5 January 2018.

Due to the unique conditions and territory required for manuka honey, it commands a higher price tag.  However, this means there is an opening for unethical honey companies that are labeling their product as manuka, but it really isn’t.  There is a sad statistic regarding the amount of true manuka honey being produced vs. the amount being sold:

As a result of the high premium paid for mānuka honey, an increasing number of products now labelled as such worldwide are counterfeit or adulterated.  According to research by UMFHA, the main trade association of New Zealand mānuka honey producers, whereas 1,700 tons of mānuka honey are made there annually representing almost all the world's production, some 10,000 tons of produce is being sold internationally as mānuka honey, including 1,800 tons in the UK.

So, what is the best honey to buy online?what are you buying your honey for?

It depends on who you’re buying it for, why and where. If you are going to be consuming the honey for yourself or give as a gift and want to ensure you are buying the best – talk to the beekeeper!  You can reach out to us at info@floridahoneypotfarms.com to talk to us, ask questions, share recipes and more. You can also connect with us online at Yummly, FB, IG and LinkedIn!

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