5 Reasons CBD Honey Is Better Than Other CBD Products

Whether you take CBD for relaxation, to relieve pain, or a variety of other reasons, it’s important to know what you are putting into your body – especially if you want the full effects to work the way they are intended, don’t want artificial colors or dyes, or things like sugar or corn syrup. Artisanal honey is such an amazing vehicle to deliver the benefits of broad spectrum CBD. A natural product filled with enzymes and free from added sugar, honey is delicious on its own or mixed in a beverage.

1. Taste

How many times have you gagged on a tincture? Or felt like you immediately had to go brush your teeth to get that awful hemp taste out of your mouth? Our artisanal honey captures the aromatic and fruity components of orange blossom, wildflower and palmetto. Those three honey varieties are used to pair with additional botanical terpenes to highlight each flavor profile. Taste the difference Florida sunshine can make. 

2. Value Per Serving

A two-pack of CBD gummies as a gas station typically costs about $3.00 for 40 mg CBD ($1.50 for one serving per 20 mg serving). Gummies online can range from $1.30 - $1.67 each for a 10 mg – 25 mg serving size. Our 5.6 oz jar contains 24 servings of 20 mg each CBD and is $24.00 ($1.00 per serving) on our website. Our 11.2 oz jar contains 48 servings of 20 mg each CBD and is $29.00 ($.60 per serving)

3. Pure Raw Artisanal Honey

Honey carries a unique color and taste profile dependent upon the honeybee’s surrounding food sources. Some honey, such as Orange Blossom, can be lighter in color and very sweet. Gallberry is a shade of amber while tulip poplar is extremely dark. Our honey is never heated above 100 degrees F to maintain the integrity of the enzymes and beneficial nutrients. Commercial honey most consumers purchase in the grocery store is often a mix of honey from all over, blended with everything from water to sugar to corn syrup and coloring, so that it has a consistent color and flavor. It’s often heated at high temperatures to make the honey thinner and easier to blend and fill into jars. This pasteurization process removes the natural aromas, yeasts, and enzymes found in raw honey resulting in fewer nutrients and antioxidants.

4. Absorption

This article helps explain the reason why honey is absorbed into the bloodstream slower.

When we eat table sugar, our stomach has to use its own enzymes to separate the molecules apart before we can use the sugar's energy. Honey is quite different. The bees have added a special enzyme to the nectar that divides the sucrose into glucose and fructose -- two simple sugars for our bodies can absorb directly.

Hence, honey vs sugar, honey has a healthier Glycemic Index (GI) which measures the negative impact of a given food on the blood-glucose level. The lower the GI rating, the slower the absorption and infusion of sugars into the bloodstream and hence a more gradual and healthier digestion process (The Glycemic Index).

5. Ease of Use 

Our CBD honey is so versatile!  Many of us just eat it by the spoonful.  We stir it into beverages, drizzle into salad dressings, pour over ice cream (yum yum….seriously try this if you haven’t) and even give it to our pets.  These are all things you really can’t do with a gummy or tincture. 

Here’s an insider scoop: At Florida Honey Pot Farms, this honey is our lifestyle.  We have jars on our desks, nightstands, by sinks…  but have often wondered: wouldn’t it be nice to have a single serve packet?  A few for the gym bag, purse, travel size….  Stay tuned as we get ready to launch a new option in 2021!


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