FHPF Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our products and services are backed by a 30 day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we want to know right away so we can take corrective action. Please call us at 407-930-1456 or contact us via e-mail at info@FloridaHoneyPotFarms.com. You have up to two days after delivery to notify us that you are not satisfied. FHPF may require the return of the product with which you are dissatisfied before we substitute an acceptable item or issue a refund.

Replacement of missing items

If something is missing from or you received incorrect product(s), please call 407-930-1456 or contact us via e-mail at info@FloridaHoneyPotFarms.com.  Our orders are checked for accuracy and quality prior to delivery. FHPF aims to replace any missing items as soon as possible. However, some products are subject to availability and may not be available until the next day. Customers may choose to accept a refund instead of a redelivery of the missing product(s).

Ordering through the Site

Your credit card will be charged upon checkout and you will receive a receipt for payment along with an order confirmation number. Orders must be paid for in full prior to shipping. FHPF is not responsible for unprocessed or uncompleted orders, or any items left in a shopping cart that were not paid for. Only orders with a receipt for payment and a confirmation number will be processed and shipped.  FHPF does not divide a single order into different ship to names, dates or locations.

FHPF is unable to accept paper checks, food stamps, or third-party coupons at this time.

Cancelling an order & Refunds

You may cancel your order by emailing our Customer Service Department at info@FloridaHoneyPotFarms.com. Cancellations over the phone CAN NOT be confirmed until a follow up email is received.  Refunds are processed within 3-5 business days. FHPF is not responsible for the timing of the refund on part of the recipient’s bank. The recipient’s bank may take longer than 3-5 business days to return the funds to the recipient’s card.

This Agreement was last revised on 10/21/19